Your  appointment

Your consultation

Please attend your appointment in a timely manner, this will ensure that you are allowed your maximum appointment time to discuss your own personal requirements. If you have a favourite eyebrow, eyeliner or lip colour pencil please feel free to bring it along to your consultation so that we can match it for you with our pigments.

You will be asked to fill out a consent form, where you will answer a short list of questions to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. We work with you to ensure you will receive the shape you always dreamed of. You are involved every step of the way from shaping, pigment placement and most importantly colour. We will draw on your anticipated result and photograph it, this will ensure you will be happy with the final product .

You are not under any obligation to have the treatment done on the same day if you do not wish to. You are free to take the time to consider the treatment and to digest the information we have given you, that is absolutely fine.

Our reason for this is we want every single client to be comfortable with proceeding with their treatment in their own good time and with no pressure. Obviously if you wish to go ahead and have your treatment on the same day we will happily oblige.


Your treatment

We take photos of each step for your benefit and also for our records. Once you are thrilled with what we have drafted on for you, we outline and mark out the area with a surgical pen or similar, a numbing cream is then applied.  After the required numbing period, the procedure is performed. You are kept comfortable and informed throughout the entire procedure.

Once your treatment is completed you will be supplied with some aftercare instructions and cream to apply topically for three to five days. It really is as simple as that.

Follow up Visits

We recommend you attend our clinic for a follow up 4 weeks after the treatment. This follow up is free (with the exception of 3D part 2 treatments) It is not unusual to lose a little colour here or there during the healing process so at this follow up visit, any areas of concern will be touched up at no cost.

3D eyebrows Part 2

We recommend 4 weeks later you attend for a second treatment. The 3D eyebrow is a very intricate treatment with very fine work and although it is your choice we recommend a total going over of the new look to achieve the best result. After this second visit you will also be invited back for a final consult at no charge.