Our Products

 Softap products that meet Australian guidelines

Our needles and pigments are purchased from Softap in the US and meet our strict Australian guidelines.

Our pigments are mineral based, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, a safe non-reactive substance that is completely natural. Mineral based although natural, is an inorganic compound as opposed to an organic compound. So, in terms of pigment, it simply means the organic pigment comes from a living compound such as vegetables or lakes products.


mineral based products

We use only mineral based products. These are still completely natural products which are inert. In our experience the colour is extremely natural looking and resultant colour extremely stable, with very little risk of allergy to the client. These pigments are manufactured for the specific purpose of being implanted into skin. You should be mindful some other pigments, including fruit or vegetable based pigments, often named organic, are thought to possibly produce problems for those with allergies, particularly food allergies. Being the colour is impregnated into the skin the problem can be ongoing or in some cases can lead to more serious medical implications.

In our 14 years of performing permanent makeup, we have never seen an allergy to the mineral based pigment that we use, therefore it is our opinion that the safest form of pigment is still by far the mineral based type.