About Jenna and Val

Softap Specialists also trained in the art of microblading and orbital machines

Jenna and Val are a mum and daughter team who have worked in the industry for many years with a critical eye for detail. They work to a very high ethical standard and have as a team run two successful businesses together. They have kept up to date with techniques and trends in PMU and they have now chosen to continue working together in a smaller more personal and exclusive setting.

Val and Jenna are trained in Softap,  microblading as well as  rotary machine methods of cosmetic permanent make up which enables them to tailor the procedures to the individual.

Val and Jenna Permanent Makeup Adelaide

About Val

A permanent make up specialist / trainer

Val is a well respected permanent makeup artist. She has been transforming faces for over 14 years.Prior to taking up a career in permanent make up she was employed in the medical field. This gives her an indepth insight into the importance of infection control. She has qualifications which see her recognised as a cosmetician not only in Australia but also overseas in the US and Singapore. Val also was one of the first, if not the first to introduce the now very popular individual hair stroke style of eyebrows to Adelaide. She is also a qualified permanent makeup Instructor.

Val travels regularly to Port Vila in Vanuatu to perform cosmetic tattooing services.

She is experienced in 3D eyebrows also known as eyebrow, embroidery, eyebrow microblading, feathertouch eyebrows and hair stroke. Powdering, also known as block eyebrows is still very popular. Other services performed are top and/or bottom eyeliner, lip liner, lip blending and full lips. Beauty spots, nipple and areole reconstruction are also services she provides. Val has done a significant amount of correctional work over the years and also has experience in scar and camouflage work. Val is also one of the few that can fill bald spots on the scalp and finally she has a great deal of knowledge about colour mixes and colourblends.

About Jenna

Permanent make up specialist

Jenna is a very skilled and respected permanent makeup artist. She is very popular amongst her clientele and has been performing treatments for 6 years, she is a stickler for detail and is described as a perfectionist. She takes her time to ensure perfection for her clients.

Jenna has a particular passion for eyebrows and always ensures your new brows will frame your face beautifully.

She has a great deal of experience in 3D eyebrows and still performs a great deal of eyebrow powdering, top and/or bottom eyeliner are another specialty of hers, as well as lip line, lip blending and full lips and of course Beauty spots.